20160511: dem cleanzzz

Workout #

Exercise Weight Reps
Cleans OTM 215 1x5
225 1x5
240 1x5
255 1
265 1
Pause squats 135 3
185 3
225 3

Notes #

A bit of an all over the place day. Legs sore from the last couple of days so I was moving pretty slow. Felt like the weight was crashing on me for most of the workout, which made my clavicle feel like garbage. However, I didn’t miss any attempts and I was able to work up to 265 (my current max) despite having to really dig out of the hole. Overall, would focus on accentuating the third pull/shrug and getting under the bar a bit more efficiently. Like my jerks, I’m kind of just exploding as much as I can and having to catch the bar, making it feel slow and also just causing a lot of stress on my shoulders. The second pull feels good but my quads are torn to shreds from gliding the bar on them – will have to wear longer shorts.

Recovery (last night) #

Nutrition #

Breakfast #

Post workout #

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Meal #4 #

Miscellany #


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