20160530: snatches suck

Workout #

Exercise Weight Reps
Snatch OTM 150 1x5
160 1x5(1 miss)
170 1x5
Snatch + OHS OTM 135 1x5
Snatch Pull 175 3x1
185 3x2
Halting Sn DL (knee) + Finish + Floating Sn DL 165 1
175 1x2
Back Squat(5 sec pause on first) 305 3x3

Notes #

No video because it was a mess in there. I felt like I had no stability in my overhead position, which made it hard to lock the weight out on the turnover. Couldn’t reasonably catch 170 so I ended up just powering them. Felt like I was jumping forward a bit but opted to just get through the motions to get my body accustomed to the weight again. Decided to get creative with the 2MOM and drop to 135 and do a full snatch followed with an OHS to build that stability and get comfy again. Have friends in town so booze and food all day for the rest of the day. Hopefully it doesn’t mess with tomorrow too bad.

Recovery (last night) #

Nutrition #

Breakfast #

Post workout #

Meal #1 #

Meal #2 #

Meal #3 #


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