20160606: grrrr


Exercise Weight Reps
Snatch OTM 155 1x5 (2 misses)
135 1x5
145 1x5
Snatch 2MOM 150 1x5
Snatch Pull 185 3x3
Halting Sn DL (knee) + Finish + Floating Sn DL 175 3x3


Snatches suck even more this week. Went in with sore shoulders, probably from the 750m swim yesterday but they felt looser than they typically do. Had trouble locking out at the top comfortably. As such, I dropped down to something that I felt comfy with (~70%) and worked there.

A few things that I changed today:

At a minimum, snatch balances have to make it into my workouts or else I’m going to suffering for a bit…

 Recovery (last night)



 Post workout

 Meal #1


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Momentum! A note about protein: I’m using this veggie stuff because I think I consume way too much meat as it is: http://mrm-usa.com/shop/protein/veggie-elite/ Workout Exercise Weight Reps Clean OTM 200 1x5 210 1x5 225 1x5 235 1 245 3... Continue →