20160608: jumpy cleans


Exercise Weight Reps
Cleans OTM 210 1x5
225 1x5
240 1x5
245 1x6
Clean Pulls 250 3x3


Tightness in shoulders continues so I spent extra time mobilizing there. Tried using feet and that seemed to help but think I was losing a lot of power jumping forward a bit.

 Recovery (last night)



 Post workout

 Meal #1


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cleans are fun

Workout Exercise Weight Reps Clean OTM 195 1 205 1 x 5 Clean Pulls 225 3x3 Pause Back Squats 255 2x3 Pull Ups 5 3 Notes Didn’t sleep as well as I would’ve liked last night but came into the gym with a fair amount of energy. After a good... Continue →