and sometimes cleans suck

Workout #

Exercise Weight Reps
Cleans OTM 205 1x5
220 1x5
235 1x5
Clean 2MOM 245 x
245 x
Clean Pull 245 2x3

Notes #

I was tired as all hell. My turnover was really painful due to soreness from jerks. Height and extension felt fine but being able to punch through and catch the weight proved to be harder than it should’ve been. Surprising that I was actually able to jerk more than I could clean this week. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Recovery (last night) #

Nutrition #

Today was a travelling day. Went straight to the airport after the workout so I have no idea what I ate. Just a combo of random stuff.

Coachella – here I come!

Breakfast #

Post workout #


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