clean cleans

Workout #

Exercise Weight Reps
Cleans OTM 200 1x1
210 1x4
220 1x5
230 1x5
Clean 2MOM 235 1
240 1
245 1
250 1
255 1

Notes #

One of those surprising days where I came in feeling like rested but tight both in the right shoulder and right hip. I spent 20mins mobilizing last night and massaged both out with some tiger balm in the hopes that they’d loosen up this morning. Went in and rolled out the hip for a few minutes along with the usual warmup and it felt like it was going to be a rough day. Surprising to all involved is that I was able to get moving pretty well. The earlier sets were more power than full cleans as I was toying with using my feet but found that I ended up jumped forward too much so went back to no feet cleans. I felt that my punch through was the biggest factor is getting the weight secured and while my legs were a bit shot trying to get out of the whole. I was happy with how I was receiving it. I still think my second pull is a bit out of wack so I should work on that a bit. Overall a good day.

Recovery (last night) #

Nutrition #

Breakfast #

Post workout #

Meal #1 #

Meal #2 #

grilled bacon wrapped chicken

Total Calories: 931
Total Fat: 52g
Total Carbs: 18g
Sugars: 4g
Protein: 92g
Fiber: 6g

Meal #3 #

Meal #4 #

MIscellany #


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