Workout #

Exercise Weight Reps
Snatch OTM 150 1x5
160 1x5(1 miss)
170 1x5
Snatch Pull 175 3x1
Back Squat 135 3
185 3
225 3

Notes #

I mistakenly did last week’s weight for the snatch workout (150/160/170) but it came together much nicer than it did last time. I tried accentuating the shrug at the point of turnover and that helped the lockout a ton. Still a bit slow on the overall movement but it felt much more comfortable than it has been at 170. This weight is my breaking point – 175 feels much heavier when it’s only 5lbs more.

Generally, I need to focus on my flexibility more. I’ve forgone a lot of mobility work at home in the evenings which I should really bring back if I intend on getting better.

Recovery (last night) #

Nutrition #

Breakfast #

Post workout #

Meal #1 #

Meal #2 #

Meal #3 #

Meal #4 #


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